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Hospice and Palliative Care in Anaheim and Orange County

New Haven Hospice Care, Inc.
1700 East Lincoln St. Suite 202
Anaheim, CA 92805 United States
(714) 774-2498
s We are a community health care provider which is Medicare and Medicaid certified and accredited with the "Joint Commission." We are dedicated in providing physical, emotional and spiritual support for terminally ill patients and their families. Our hospice affirms life and we exist to help our patients live as comfortably and fully as possible in the time that remains. Our staff are trained to do their best to meet our patients and their family's hospice needs. We are located in Anaheim and our staff serve the greater Orange County and Los Angeles area.
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What our patients say about us

There are no adequate words to describe how wonderful your team was nor how relieved we were to know the kind of care they provided. [staff names] were excellent. Having been a professor for 30 years, I know high level quality care when I see it. All 3 were examplary. Aside from the technical quality care they provided, it was the fact that they seemed to *genuinely care* not only for [...], but for us, the family as well that made their services so outstanding. The [couldn't understand writing] also impressed all other team members and the planning meeting we attended - everyone was concerned, kind, professional and knew what they were doing. I hope *all* people who need hospice care are as fortunate as we were to have a team like New Haven Hospice. Thank you SO much for all you did for us. We will never forget your kindness. Sincerely, [...]

I can't explain how grateful I am for all the care that the hospice team provided for our grandmother, [...]. Special thanks to [staff names] for going the extra mile even though it was not required. The singing and the praying was greatly appreciated. I also want to take this opportunity to say my utmost gratitude to [staff name] for doing an excellent job giving bath to our beloved [...]. Gratefully Yours, [...]

[THANK YOU CARD] Receive my "special thanks" for the utmost CARE you extended to my husband, [...] during his times of pain and suffering due to his illness. May God bless and reward you for being so kind and helpful. Keep up the good work. I would like to congratulate the hospice team who extended their best services to my late husband during his pain and sufferings. To all of them, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. A very special mention is extended to: [staff names]. May God bless you all.

I really appreciated the way that you helped me to manage my father's ease. He ended calm and painless. Everybody in the team is very professional and helpful, especially [staff name], my family loved her. Thank you.

The experience with New Haven Hospice was absolute wonderful. [staff names] could not have been more kind. [...]'s passing was made so much easier for all of us. And lest I forget we all enjoyed the volunteer singers so much!

Your team was fantastic! I appreciated that you were able to get ready in less than 24 hours to care for [...]. Thank you!

We appreciated [...]. She was available and was kind and caring as well as knowledgeable. I could say that all needs were met. Thank you all, [...] (daughter)

They are very supportive from Annie, the nurse aids, to Pastor Rick. He is a blessing. The other pastor and volunteer that came and did music/worship were a delight. Annie was committed to the best care for my mom. Dr Ali was gentle and caring. Thanks from the [...] family. Yours in thoughts and prayers for the next patients. P.S. Also, the social worker was great! - 2010-2011

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